The Come Back In offers a time card program for our regular 21 and over patrons. “Punch in”

every time you order a half-liter stein of ANY of our 26 tap beers and enjoy every SIXTH beer for FREE!

There is no cost and no hassle to join. Just follow these steps…

  1. Come Back In and ask your server or bartender to activate your time card. He/she will assign you a number. Be sure to write it down, take a picture or memorize it. You will need to know this number for your next visit.
  2. Enjoy a half-liter stein (our standard size) filled with any of our draft imports or microbrews to “punch in”. Five “punch in” beers will earn you one FREE fill. Always.
  3. Leave your time card with your server or bartender when you “clock out” (i.e. when you are done for the day).
  4. Come Back In and repeat steps 2 and 3. Once you fill up your card, start a new one. This deal NEVER ends.
  5. Feel free to refer to a friend. We always have time cards on hand.


*Not valid with other discounts or promotions. Some restrictions apply.


  • Time cards must stay at the Come Back In. Any card that leaves the premesis will be considered VOID and will be destroyed.
  • “Punch ins” are good for draft beer ONLY.
  • Terms of payment include cash, credit and debit ONLY. No coupons or other discounts are accepted.
  • Time cards are not valid during special events such as New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest and other outdoor events or any other special event days as determined by management.
  • Free beers must be redeemed in a linear fashion (i.e. in the order they appear on your card). Free beers may not be stacked or saved.
  • Beer purchased for others will ONLY be credited to your card if purchased for fellow time card participants.
  • Your card is your card – it is nontransferable.
  • Cards that remain inactive for 60 days or more will be tossed. The time card program is for regular patrons.