Thank you for the great season!

2018 League registration opens March 1st.

Summer Volleyball Leagues are BACK at the Come BACK In!

Summer volleyball returns to the Come Back In for its fifth year! We are a recreational league
that combines the sport of volleyball with another favorite pastime - BEER, and more specifically,
pitcher races. And Ale Asylum is the official 2017 beer sponsor! Earn double points every Saturday
by purchasing Ale Asylum taps and bottles, but more about that later.

If you've never played at the Come Back In, you may be thinking...
Where are we going to put a volleyball court? Good question. In May we'll transform a portion of our
parking lot into a full-fledged SAND volleyball court. Some Monday-Friday patio music and full
table service will be nearby.

Our goal is to ensure that YOU have FUN! Sound like a plan?



League details...

ο Dates/Duration: Leagues will run from Mon., May 22nd to Sun., August 20th for a total of 13 weeks
ο Team Size/Restrictions:
     » Six per team with unlimited subs
     » Must be 21+... we are a bar league, with pitcher races
     » No gender requirements
ο Schedule:
   Monday - Friday Leagues:
             ο Up to EIGHT teams
            ο FOUR games per day
            ο Start times: 6pm to 9pm   * Rotating team schedules

   Sunday League - Divided into an early league and a late league.
       Early League:
            ο Up to TEN teams 
            ο FIVE games
            ο Start times: Noon to 4pm    *Rotating team schedules
       Late League:
            ο Up to TEN teams 
            ο FIVE games
            ο Start times: 5pm to 9pm    *Rotating team schedules
   Saturday: NO LEAGUES!
            ο Open play ALL DAY from 8am-10pm... EVERYONE must sign a waiver before playing! (Ask your
               server or bartender)

            ο ANYONE can play for 1 hour with a $10 court fee OR $10 purchase 
            * Saturdays will also be used for league make-up games throughout the summer.

    NOTE: League schedules will include holidays such as Memorial Day & the 4th of July. If your team is
    unavailable for these holidays, we can reschedule your match.

 Click HERE to download a copy of our 2017 informational Welcome Packet
*Contains complete details AND required forms. Waiver is on the last page.

League spots cannot be reserved without receiving payment. No refunds.

Questions? Email volleyball.cbi@gmail.com