Come Back In for our Buzzed Spelling Bee Every Thursday at 7pm!

Can you spell c-o-m-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n? How about after a few beers?

Find out every THURSDAY beginning September 8th. Registration bee-gins at 6pm.
Contestants must bee 21+ to play. A $7 admission fee is required AND includes a FREE
"buy-in" bee(r).


• All participants must be 21+ to play. A designated driver or an alternative
  transportation plan is also required. NO ONE will be allowed to drive home
  after participating in the bee.

• Registration opens at 6pm every Thursday. Each contestant must pay a
  $7 registration fee to play (includes a free "buy-in" beer). He/she will then
  receive a Buzzed Spelling Bee number and must take his/her place on stage.
  At least half of the buy-in beer must be consumed by the start of the bee (7pm).

• The game works like a traditional spelling bee. Players will be given a word to
  spell. If spelled correctly, he/she remains in the bee. If the word is misspelled,
  the player is out of the bee and must leave the stage.

• Contestants will have one minute to correctly spell his/her word for the first three
  rounds. This will decrease to 30 seconds for each subsequent round. If the player
  is in mid-spell at the end of the designated time period, he/she will be allowed
  to finish. Contestants may ask for the word's definition and/or to have the word
  used in a sentence. If the player begins to spell a word, he/she must finish it.
  Restarting a word, even if it results in a correct spelling, is a disqualification.

• Contestants MUST always have a beer in hand and MUST drink at least half of
  it between turns... i.e. one beer for every two rounds. Hence, the "Buzzed"
  portion of the bee. If a player survives past the sixth round, he/she may slow down
  to 1/4 beer between turns. Players will be given 5 minute bathroom break
  intermissions every three rounds.

• Bee participants may NOT use electronic devices, dictionaries or help from the
  audience during the bee. These all constitute CHEATING and will result in an
  immediate disqualification.

SUDDEN DEATH: If the game starts to run long or if we have a couple of die hard
  spellers, the moderator will administer a tie breaker trivia question or will determine
  who picks the Sudden Death round through a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" match. The
  winner of Sudden Death wins the bee.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the rules.

We will NOT have a Buzzed Spelling Bee on Thanksgiving (11/24).